6 Strange Times in Black Creek Issue Eight: Strange Times in Black Creek
story: Rick Evans and Travis Tarver
art: Rick Evans

It's 1881 and a young doctor and his wife set up practice in a small Wyoming town. Settling in is hard for newcomers and it gets worse when people start disappearing.

Coming Soon!
6 Interrogation: 101 Issue Seven: Interrogation: 101
story: Andre Messier
art: Rick Evans

A vetran police detective is faced with an uncooperative thug with important inforamtion. Can the dectective's new partner get the information they need?

Completed December 2010
6 Death of a Friend Issue Six: Death of a Friend
story: Andre Messier
art: Rick Evans

On a war-ravaged world, the true measure of a friend is discovered

Completed June 2010
5 The Target Issue Five: The Target
Story and art by Rick Evans

A young district attorney on the most important case of her career is forced to reveal her darkest secret

Completed April 2009
4 Suns of Charbydis Issue Four: The Suns of Charybdis
story: Andre Messier
art: Rick Evans

The Federation corvette Juventas is on a realtively routine scientific mission to observe the death of a binary star system when strange things begin to happen.

Completed February 2009
3 For His Mind Issue Three: For His Mind
story and art: Rick Evans

At a lonely truck stop, a young man on a long drive meets an attractive young woman who seems to find him irresistable.

Completed August 2008
2 the Beast at 10000 Ft Issue Two: The Beast at 10,000 Feet
story and art: Rick Evans

Two commercial pilots are hired to help Alaska State Troopers transport a man accused of a horrific crime from a remote Aleutian village to Anchorage.

Completed May 2008
1 Who is Mister Twilight? Issue One: Who is Mr. Twilight?
story: Andre Messier
art: Rick Evans

With a posh accent and dapper dress, Lysander Twilgiht appears to be a perfect British gentleman, but what exactly is his line of work?

Completed October 2007